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L E A T H E R  C A R E  1 0 1

Our handmade sandals are constructed using only the highest quality leathers but even high quality leather products can use a little love and care from time to time. A quality leather cleaner, conditioner or cream will moisturize, preserve and extend the life of your sandals.

That said, if you're a care-free gal and decide to do nothing, don't fret. Your Cocobelle's will withstand the test. The natural oils from your skin will actually moisturize the sole of your sandals with every step. Just be aware that without occasional cleaning your sandals will eventually show a footprint from the inconsistent application of oils from your foot to the sole. This isn't a bad thing and will not be visible when worn. We just want you to have all the facts and conditioning or cleaning the leather will help prevent this.   

Whichever route you go; you'll be amazed by how beautifully they shape and mold to your feet, truly getting better with every step. 


D O ' S  &  D O N 'T S

  • Never wash your sandals by fully submerging them in water or putting them in the washing machine. 
  • Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits. We recommend natural cream based products formulated to extend the life and preserve the natural beauty of the leather. 
  • Store leather sandals properly when not in use; keep out of direct sunlight and in low humidity as sunlight fades and dries leather. 
  • If leather gets wet, absorb as much water as possible with a thick hand towel and then air dry. If liquid stains remain on the leather when dry, buff a small amount of leather cream into the affected area.

C L E A N I N G  G U I D E : Leather is porous which makes it susceptible to absorbing oils and moisture but like the skin on your face it will also dry out with time. Every 6 months, it's a best practice to clean and condition the leather upper and sole of your sandals. 

  1. Lightly wipe any dust or debris from the leather surfaces that you are preparing to clean.
  2. Apply a cleaner or conditioner using a soft cotton cloth, apply the recommended amount and work the solution all over the leather. 
  3. Allow the leather to dry for at least 12 hours away from direct sunlight and heat, as this could cause the leather to warp. 
  4.   When dry, buff the leather with a soft cotton cloth using a circular motion.

P R O D U C T S  W E   L O V E  

Leather Honey Conditioner, $18.95 

Chamberlain's Milk Conditioner & Cleanser, $27

Bickmore Leather Conditioner, $9.29

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